Marcel Haladej

Hi. My name is Marcel Haladej. I come from Slovakia.
3D was for a couple of years just my hobby. It was pretty slow start in dark ages without internet. My source of knowledge was just a few translated books with 3dsmax tutorials.
My first artworks were some crazy amateurish 3d works, when you try to catch all you teached last time in one image.
Breaking point number one was  a day when I finally created a „realistic“ leaf,  1 polygon with standard material with mapped texture and alpha channel. I pressed the render button and saw this  640x480px beautifulness  with crispy raytraced shadows. I was stunned 😀 and I knew I want to continue as a CG professional later.
After finishing college (2011 Master’s degree  Mathematical and computational modeling) I started to work  as a professional CG Artist.
Until now I work as a 3d generalist in a small slovak CG studio – Alien StudioAlso as a freelancer I work for several slovak and worldwide companies.
I spend free time with my wife on hiking and mountain biking. I also like photography.
Alien studio, Blur studio, Capsule studio, Nvidia, Rambaxy studio, Noemotion, Aykiro, Powerplay Studio, ImageFX, Bipolarid
My images are included in several books and magazines about 3D art:
Exposé 9 
Digital Art Masters: Volume 9
Digital Mayhem 3D Machine
3D Artist – issue 24
3D Artist – issue 57
My images in virtual galleries: 
Software skills:
3dsmax + Vray, Forest pack,  Rayfire, Ornatrix
Substance Painter, Speedtree, Zbrush, Adobe PS + AFX
Contact :